• Automated social media marketing
  • Regular high quality content delivered automatically to your website
  • Extensive Library of articles and images
  • Create and send tailored e-newsletters - instantly
  • Tailor and co-brand content to page/audience
  • Create targeted, co-branded mobile sites – fast
  • Integrated event management software
  • Automatic content sharing
  • Super-easy, super fast to implement and use

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Legal RSS Delivers Time Savings, Practice Growth and Cost Savings
What is LegalRSS?
LegalRSS is professionally written and user editable content for law firms. Content in over 20 fields of law is delivered online with the LegalRSS system linking seamlessly with your website.
How can it benefit my firm?
LegalRSS reduces the nee...
How Should Law Firms Use Social Networking?
It isn't every month that a single comment I hear in conversation makes me think there's a leader to be written, but this month was one such.
I was talking about the use of social networking by law firms with a law firm marketing manager. We got onto talking about...