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What Our Clients Say

 “… a great product with great service at a great price. Need I say more?” Scott Hadden Aaron and partners

 W4B have has been providing us with legal news articles for over 3 years, intially for our first venture into client newsletters. The articles his business provides are of a consistently high quality, and I would not hesitate to recommend him.”
Steven Partridge

“You can learn more about business development with Joe over a coffee than you can with some professionals during a weeks (not inexpensive) coaching. His rss is a neat solution to a sticky problem too.” July 1, 2011
Mark Kiteley  Kiteleys

Joe is the guy to go to for law firm web content and newsletters. His team at Words4Business provide high-quality and well-written regular content which is used by numerous switched on law firms who appreciate the critical role played by websites and newsletters in marketing law firms – especially with Tim Bishop

I will always remember the generosity of Joe Reevy who has been a wonderful man to do business with. I highly recommend professional practitioners who are serious about their businesses to do themselves a favour by getting touch with this man Yair Cohen
We have been delighted with the results and always on budget and time.......it is a pleasure working with someone who really understands the marketing requirements of law firms.”  Dinesh Raja , Bowlings

Joe is an authoritative expert and advocate of new communications channels that will benefit any forward-thinking law firm. His content services are basically a 'no-brainer' and the new RSS offering looks likewise. Jon Hepburn, Managing Director, Legally Better Ltd

The service is great but we expect that these days don't we? Joe does more than just give a great service though. He takes a genuine interest, lives in the real world, comes up with new ideas (but never rams them down your throat) and is always sensible, grounded and above all someone you enjoy having a chat with.”  Nick Hanning

The products, articles and newsletters which he has sourced for us have been an important part of our marketing strategy, and have helped us to maintain credibility with our existing clients. He is someone in whom we have real confidence and I am pleased to recommend him.” Ray Crudgington, Grant Saw.
His service is invaluable to forward thinking, progressive law firms and I have no hesitation in recommending him.”
Steve Cunningham, Managing Director, Estates and Law Ltd

Apart from the excellent newsletter he provides, he is also a great "sounding board" for ideas.”  Marvin Winthrop
At words4business, keeping it simple, with no frills, he's been providing really good content at an affordable price, reliably and consistently; and moving with chaning demand to new formats that work.
Allan Carton, Managing Director, Inpractice UK Limited
Joe knows his 'onions' and provides a reliable and cost effective service to the legal profession. "Great content at a price you can all afford." He is also very flexible and will work with you on getting it right.” Julian Summerhayes WBW Solicitors

Our firm has been using the website and newsletter articles provided by Words4Business for a number of years now and we have found the articles to be accurate, timely and useful. They enable us to keep our website up to date and informative. I recommend the service provided by Joe and his team.”
Alistair Eeverett, Awdry Bailey and Douglas
“I have known Joe for more years than I now care to remember, not only is his "product excellent and great value" he is also one of the most personable and enthusiastic people you will ever meet. He has great knowledge of what works in Legal Marketing and the ability to listen, and to give constructive advice regarding new marketing ideas.
Bernard Stotesbury , Batchelors

The services he provides are first class and have always played a pivotal role in the marketing strategies I've implemented for law firms.” Justin Craig
hired Joe as a Business Consultant in 2005, and hired Joe more than once
“Joe's knowledge of the legal news scene is second to none. Highly recommended.” Stephen Butler,  Butler and Kandler

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