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How would your business cope with death, disputes, disaster, disability, departees, dividends

Whats your plan

Would any of the 6 "D" situations affect your business?

Here are some questions we have already answered.

Scenario 1 – My business partner died and I could not afford to buy out his shares so his wife took over running the company and has now sacked me.  I own 49% of the shares in the company can she do this?

Scenario 2 – I am 65 and feel that I have had enough, my health has not been great lately and I want to sell the company and retire, but two of my employees (who I gave for nothing 10% each of the shares in the company to retain their loyalty) won't cooperate in any sale, what can I do?

Scenario 3 – Four of us carried out an MBO five years ago but one of the directors is not now pulling his weight.   We all have equal shares in the company and get paid via dividends what can we do?

Scenario 4 – My business partner who is the Sales Director is leaving the company and taking his contacts with him. What can I do?

Scenario 5 – Me and my business partner had a great company until he appointed his son to the board.  Now they are both overruling all my decisions.   It is ruining my health what can I do?

Any of these scenarios could happen to you down the line and could easily have been avoided by simple planning steps.   We can make sure that they don’t happen to you or if they do you are well prepared to deal with them.


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